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How to Renew Your
NaCCRA Subscription

If You are Subscribed with PayPal

If you subscribed with PayPal you will receive notification when your subscription is due to be paid, and it will be automatically collected from your PayPal account on or around the date specified. All you need to do is make sure there are sufficient funds in your PayPal account before the due date.

If You Paid by Check last time

You will receive notification when your payment is due. Send your check for the amount due to the payment address shown.

There is an additional $2.00 handling charge for payments by check.

If you would like to change to subscription by PayPal Log in to your Account for details. 

Address for Check Payments

Send your Check Payments to:

c/o Partners in Association Management
325 John Knox Road L103
FL 32303

Please write your Account number and address on the back of the check.